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Apprentice Lineman Salary, Benefits and Career Advancement

What is the starting salary, pay and benefits package for a new Apprentice Lineman?

Newly enrolled apprentices start at the apprentice level depending on education and experience and are paid at a special salary rate for a four step entry level personnel. The base starting salary is Year 1 ($38,619), Year 2 ($43,964), and Year 3 ($49,029) grade levels, with excellent opportunity for overtime pay. (Note: Any applicable locality pay would be added to the base rate depending on Duty Location an applicant is selected for). In addition, you'll receive a GS or Division and an excellent benefits package including life insurance, health insurance, liberal retirement benefits, and a thrift savings plan (401-K).
What are the salary and pay grade levels for Apprentice Lineman?
Entry level is grade Apprentice year 1, Year 2 or Year 3-4, depending on qualifications. Upon successful completion of the 1- year probationary examination, individuals hired at the apprentice level are eligible for promotion to grade year 2, generally follows after one year at the preceding lower grade level Year-1). Positions above the fourth  level are filled through agency merit promotion competition. Entry-level Apprentice are entitled to special salary rates for apprentice, and may be entitled to apprentice pay. Information on the current salary schedule is available from your local Office of Personnel Management, from any Human Resources Office, or on the Internet at Office of Personnel Management.
Do Apprentice Lineman Lineman qualify for Retirement Benefits?
Yes, Journeyman Lineman who have a minimum of 4 years service are eligible for retirement at age 65. This special provision also applies. Retirements are mandatory at age 65 with 20 years of service; however, employees could work beyond 65 until they meet the combination of age and service requirements to retire under Local Union Provisions.
What are my opportunities for career advancement with a Utility Company?
Excellent! The Apprentice Lineman over the past few years has gone through a phase of unprecedented growth. For those with the skill and ambition, this growth can afford many opportunities for advancement. You'll start out in the low to mid-60’s (including over-time, holiday, storm, and night pay) in your first year. In the next two years, assuming you perform all duties in a satisfactory manner, you can expect to be making up to-100’s. If you are a talented, dedicated journeyman with a certain amount of ambition, you can expect to be making approximately $100,000 per year (including over-time, holiday, storm, and night pay) after reaching the journeyman grade level of GS. Promotions to Division supervisory positions and higher are available on a competitive basis to those who qualify. Each of these steps assumes a greater range of responsibilities and a focus on leadership and safety.
How do I apply for PGE Jobs?
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